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Planning for Europe

A trip to Europe for me is a big deal, so I decided to document all aspects of the trip, including the planning.


The First Meeting

The Second Meeting

Draft Itinerary


The First Meeting


Date: 28th March 2001
Attendees: Carmen, Kelvin, Edward





1. Proposed places to visit are Rome, Venice, Switzerland, France (Paris), Luxembourg, London, Amsterdam, Hamburg?, Copenhagen, Scandanavia, Berlin, Prague?, Vienna



2. Things we want to do include visiting a nightclub, Opera at Vienna or Venice, drink coffee in Vienna, go on a boat trip?



3. Proposed mode of travel in Europe is by train. Predicted time spent in Europe is estimated at 4-6 weeks. Proposed budget is A$7K per person including airfares.



4. Issues to deal with include YHA memberships, International student cards, international adapters (so we can use our appliances) and phone arrangements.



5. It was decided that a group of four is best, and our fourth travelling companion is preferably a girl, and someone who shares our interests, energy and is known to all three of us. Yi-Lin and Grace were suggested.



The Second Meeting


Date: 16th July 2001

Attendees: Carmen, Kelvin, Edward



1. Revised and more realistic itinerary was proposed:



Proposed date of departure from Sydney: Monday 3rd December 2001

Fly direct to London



Proposed places to visit (proposed number of days)
England (7)

Paris (4 or 6 including EuroDisney)

Amsterdam (3)

Copenhagen (3)

Germany (4)

Prague (3)

Austria (4)

Venice (4)

Rome (4)

Switzerland (4)



Then fly to Hong Kong for approximately one week.



2. Luggage - decide to bring one big wheely case each, and a day backpack.



3. Cameras - each will bring personal choice of cameras, and at the end of the trip, resulting photos and film footage, etc are to be shared.


Plan to purchase film for still cameras in Australia in advance, develop pictures in HK.



4. Guide books - needs research.  Primarily Lonely Planet vs Eyewitness.

Will enquire with friends who have already been to Europe and see if we can borrow guide books, rather than buy them.

Also search for other literature in libraries, web.



5. Food - plan to bring some snacks (eg biscuits, lollies)



6. Electronics - Edward is to find his international adaptors. Will bring Australian powerboards and chargers so cameras and phones etc can still be used.  Each person must investigate how their own electronic equipment is to be charged.



7. Other things to bring are thongs, shampoo & soap, something to do on trains and buses, washing powder for clothes.



8. Travel documents - must photocopy passports, tickets, insurance documents, etc before leaving.

Are visas necessary for any of the places we are visiting?

Travel Insurance - research also needed.

International Student Cards - nothing has been done about this yet.

Mobile phone international roaming - Kelvin and Carmen are to investigate with their respective operators.



9. Suggested visit to Tourist Offices Abroad?

Need to research hostel facilities eg bathrooms, cooking facilities (kettle?), laundry, internet access.  Also bedrooms and dormitories.



10. On Thursday 19th July, Kelvin and Edward to visit bookshops and travel agencies for further research.


Plane tickets booked 17th August 2001


Draft travel itinerary:



Arr. 30th Nov 0500

Dep. 9th Dec 1000



Arr. 9th Dec 1200

Dep. 15th Dec



Arr. 15th Dec

Dep. 19th Dec



Arr. 20th Dec

Dep. 23rd Dec



Arr. (Berlin) 23rd Dec

Arr. (Munich?)



Salzburg (Carmen and Ed)

Arr. 29th Dec


Prague (Kelvin)

Arr. 29th Dec



Arr. 1st Jan or 2nd Jan



Arr. 5th Jan



Arr. 8th Jan



Arr. 11th Jan



Arr. 14th or 15th Jan



Arr. 15th or 16th Jan

Dep. 19th Jan (or 21st or 22nd Jan if we can change plane tickets)