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Johann Sebastian Bach 1685-1750

J.S. Bach was born at Einsenach, Germany in 1685 and died at Leipzig in 1750.  Of the various positions he held during his lifetime, the three most important were:

1.  Organist at Weimar 1708-1717, where he wrote a great deal of organ music.
2.  Kepellmeister to Prince Leopold of Anhalt, Cothen 1717, and mostly wrote instrumental music at this time.
3.  Cantor of St. Thomas’ Church, Leipzig 1723-1750.  This was the most important period, when he wrote magnificent choral music.

One of the few really great composers the world has known, Bach wrote an immense amount of fine music in every field then known except opera.  Just some of the music he wrote include: 6 Brandenburg Concertos, Mass in B minor, Fantasia and Fugue in G minor for the organ; and for keyboard, 6 Partitias, 6 English Suites, 6 French Suites.  Bach wrote for all combinations of voices and instruments, except, as mentioned before, opera.  Both his sacred and secular compositions are recognised as among the masterpieces of early eighteenth century music.